The VG Training Academy

The VG Training Academy will provide online webinars, seminars and workshops. Our training covers everything you need to know about DSLR and EOS cinema filming. The academy will be essential for everyone from the entry level photographer starting out filming for the first time to the budding film maker wanting to know how to better his or her story telling techniques. From fusion projects to full scale productions.We will provide kit lists for types of shoots with in-depth coverage of setting up the shoot all the way through the final edit of your film. There will also be behind the scenes footage of Victoria working with her clients and talking about sales and marketing advice.We will also show you how to incorporate this new product into your current business.

  • Webinars, seminars, workshops
  • DSLR and EOS cinema filming.
  • Entry level photographers to budding film makers
  • Fusion projects to full scale productions.
  • Kit lists for types of shoots
  • In-depth coverage of setting up the shoot
  • Final film editing
  • Behind the scenes footage of Victoria working with her clients
  • Sales and marketing advice
  • Incorporate this new product into your current business