1 to 1 Training

 No matter whether you’re just starting out or wanting to improve your video/film making ability, Victoria’s training will help you become more skilled, more efficient and, if that’s the plan, more profitable!

You will see the improvements almost immediately and feel more confident about achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. It’s a big step from being a photographer to adding fusion video or full on cinematography but your determination and Victoria’s coaching will make all the difference.

Victoria’s will customise her training to your needs, so you can control what you want to learn and how quickly you want to learn it!

Here are some of the skills you can learn from VG Academy

  • How to move up from being photographer to add fusion or even full cinematography to your business
  • Filming techniques: from standard practices to tricks of the trade
  • Use of equipment – if you’ve not got your own, try out Victoria’s to see what’s best for you before buying
  • Audio techniques to cater for different occasions such as outdoor shoots, weddings, commercial work and events
  • How to manipulate your video footage to provide your clients with a product they’ll love
  • Marketing assistance
  • Building sales, increasing brand awareness
  • Pricing models
  • Running a successful business